Monday, February 07, 2005

My Dinner With Sanga

So, I'm just back this minute from my dinner with Sanga. When we last left our hero he was taking the break neck tour of Bangkok, led by his faithful tuk-tuk driver, Joe. I got back to my hotel at 2:40. I immediately came here to the Internet cafe and started downloading the eighty pictures I took since 9am this morning. I finished my last post just after 4:30. I then found a Thai speaking man to help me make a phone call to Sanga. Sanga arranged with my friend here to write down the directions to the Phon Pier. I was told to pay only 30 baht. I found a driver and headed off. Only, this driver said he would only do the trip for 30 baht if we could make a stop. So there we were heading the wrong direction so he could take me to a TAT; a tourist place to try to sell me tickets somewhere. We arrived there and I told the proprietor I wasn't interested. So now the price was 80 baht. I finally agreed to pay 40 if he got me there fast! And he did. So now I'm hoping Sanga is still there, and he is. We got a couple of drinks (I had Thai Ice Tea- no alcohol) and we sat and talked by the river.

I told Sanga my dilemma about Armani so he went with me there and I negotiated a new deal for 16000 baht for One Blue suit and two pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 3 ties. I go back on Friday for the second fitting. So now I treated Sanga to dinner at a sidewalk cafe. (290 baht)

He ordered a fish called 'Plachon' (if it translates into something horrible, maybe don't tell me...vivyan...) Sanga offered to help me find travel arrangements for Chiang Mai when I get back from Kanchanaburi on Thursday. He also offered to let me stay at his place when I'm here.

We took a taxi back and here I am safe and sound and one Armani suit richer for my troubles. Now I'm going to get some rest so I can take off for the Bridge On The River Kwai Trek tomorrow. Oh, and Sarah, I saw another display of flip flops. see anything you like?


J.P. said...

Are you sure that fish is dead?

Steven said...

I wanted to ask it, but Sanga said it's impolite to the fish. Yum.

Anonymous said...

(SARAH) Hi Steve

I will take one of each size 9 :)

just kidding, I like ones with thin straps and black

I cant believe how many there are
Miss you !!!!

~~ Melissa said...

I am beginning to feel I am seriously underliving my days. At the rate you're going, you'll have lived an additional seventeen lifetimes by the time you return! What colour suit did you choose?

Steven said...

I miss you too Sarah. Which one with what black straps? Next time I'll try to number them. I love you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

(SARAH) The ones second row up from the bottom and far left on the picture :)

Hope your day is going well although it is probably night there


Vivyan Ackroyd said...

Hi Steve, Some info on the plachon dinner you dined on compliments of Noi. Noi bases his choice of tamarind or lime juice on his own sense of taste and complementarity. His clear gaeng som with okra and fish maw has a touch of lime, while the heavier gaeng som plachon with its red curry paste, coriander root, garlic shallots and krachi, is flavoured with tamarind juice for a stouter flavour to go with the strong tang of the serpent-head fish.

It's all in the sense of taste. Among the most popular Thai dishes is deep-fried plachon, which is served with its eggs in season. Another art involves deep-frying, and this fish has the right degree of crispiness without any oiliness seeping through.

Most customers are families, but Noi would like to see more foreigners enjoying his creations.

"Perhaps there is too much chilli,"
What do you think???
Talk to ya soon and be well
Vivyan aka Bibi

~~ Melissa said...

We miss you, Stevie. Hurry up and get back from your trek so we can hear what happened!

somsoc said...

waiting and wondering.....