Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fitting For Bangkok

I'm here at my old haunt, the Four Son's Village Guesthouse. The most difficult task I have had to do so far is to make a local call. I was trying to reach Santa Dennis but his phone didn't work. So then I called "Monkey" (one of his Thai ladies) and she said to try his number again. I kept getting cut off or running out of change.

So then I braved the forty degree Bangkok heat in a tuk-tuk. I called my buddy Joe, but he just never arrived.

I went to a Jewelry store to buy special gifts for Sarah and her sister, who I refer to as Cara-Rae, in honor of her favorite character in literature. I hope you two like these gifts. The jewels are very special in Thailand. These are the saleswomen who helped me; Flower and Apple (I think those are their stage names).

This is the reclining Buddha. He is the largest statue in any of the Temples. I didn't really get any kind of special feeling here though. It was just a fun tourist place.

You can get some idea of the size from this picture.

These Japanese school children came rushing up to me collecting names and countries. I traded them for a picture of themselves. They ran away giggling with my cards. Oneecheewah, if you see this my young friends!

I'm not sure who this guy is but he just looks so familiar I had to snap a shot.

This is Maureen and her daughter Anita, from Coventry England. They showed up and sat beside me so we started talking. The curator of this Temple handed us those same Dragon sticks that you showed me Vivyan. They are like tongue depressors inside a cylindrical box. You rotate the box until one stick falls out. I got number 26 and so did Anita. The fortune paper for #26 says: "Just like a dying tree in a dry land, suddenly refreshed and soaked with rain, reviving back to life. Strengthening and brightening up required. In order to achieve common targets, compromise and discussions recommended. Patient recovering. Lost persons will be found. Mismatch is likely. A good luck coming your way."

I mentioned to Maureen and Anita that my Mother has decided to do the Garden Tour of England in May. She said that is a wonderful time to go because everything is coming into bloom. This is the swirl of Life here as I travel. Strangers are dear friends for a moment and then they move off into the swirl. This is when I realize how we are all connected.

Somsoc, I took this picture for you. You mentioned a dream about something like this. It also has a good tie in with the book 'The Da Vinci Code'. By the way, thanks again Vivyan for that book. I have run into a tremendous number of people who are reading it right now.

I had my final fitting for my suit today. It's an Armani cashmere dark pinstripe suit with a silk lining and three custom shirts, light blue, ivory and white and second pair of slacks; 16000 baht. When I come back in early April I will pick out the ties. The only problem is that I don't like the way the suit looks with my sandals. And what's the dress code on socks?


~~ Melissa said...

Your suit looks really good (the sandals of course don't show up in the photo).

Just as I'm reading this post, The Lamb read out from her music theory book: 'in music there are moments of silence called rests.'


Anonymous said...

Yes, the suit looks great. (I think you are looking a little thin..and the camera adds 10lbs..don't loose too much more weight...although I bet your bp has gone way down.) This is the trip you were supposed to take and I am very proud of you for taking it. L

Steven said...

p.melissa: Lamb is very wise. I keep expecting to run out of energy. Perhaps on the beach on Saturday. Which beach, I have no idea...

Steven said...

L:I know I was supposed to take it too. I'm very happy that you're looking in on my journey. And I wish you love and happiness on yours.

Vivyan Yvonne said...

Hi Steve, I have to ask you the date and time you found the shell??? I experienced something unique on the 22nd 4:00pm Toronto time.
I will have to read your forturn stick #26 and send to well ...Vivyan & Dorian

Anonymous said...

Steve... if the suit doesn't go well with the sandals... perhaps you should have invested a little more money in a better suit ;)

it looks very nice on you... I approve highly of that idea of getting one a little too big... gives you room to grow...


Anonymous said...

About that bad statue. I believe it's Lao Tse, only the one I see in my dreams(another time)is much kinder.

Steven said...

Vivyan: February 22nd at 10:41am Local time. That's 10:41pm Eastern Standard Time. I keep track of those things too. And Happy birthday!!!

Steven said...

Kathy: I actually thought it was a bit tight. When I told the fitter, he gave me an evil stare so I just backed off and sipped my complimentary pepsi.

Steven said...

JP: I thought of you when I took that picture Mom. I think it's from one of your art books. Maybe someone out there can find the definative answer for us.

Angie said...

The suit looks good Steve, i guess depending on where you were going the sandals might even look ok. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Are they Armani sandals, grasshopper?


Anonymous said...

Just like J.P. said - I think that statue is of Lai Tsi - only he is much cheerier in person and has elaborately coloured robes. Ah life - going to dr. to get a MRI to see if this body has MS. So what, been thru it all. Just another chapter. Love the suit - how 'bout bare feet? Ditto: I'm very proud of you for taking this trip too - When's the book of your travels coming out??

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