Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chiang Mai

I arrived in Chiang Mai this morning by train (yes it was the right train). As I was walking around I met Dennis, who just rode in from Canada, and yes his legs are definitely tired.

He actually rode a mountain bike for 13 days from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I admire his work ethic but I have to wonder about the work he put into a trip that cost me only $20 to make by air conditioned first class train. He is from Vancouver originally. I kept running into him during the day so we had some lunch and compared war stories. He and I both had our sweeties decide to call off the relationship just before Christmas of 2004. In his case it happened to be his wife of 37 years though. There were a lot of parallels that way so it gave us a good chance to be philosophical about the situations that led us both to suddenly take trips to Thailand. You know how it is when you realize you're supposed to meet someone and exchange information but you don't know exactly why? That was Dennis. He decided to join our crew on the three day trek so I guess we'll have more time to talk.

This seemed to be Canada day. I met up with Amy from Nova Scotia. She is an enthusiastic Trekkie just back from the adventure. I met her first thing this morning and at the end of the day just as she was leaving for Bangkok. She and Jessica went Bungee jumping today and got me thinking I should try it too. What do you think Mom? The two Trek employees beside them are Saman and Moo.

Okay, my train story? I left something out. Sharon and Therese from Ireland were ahead of me in line getting on that same train in Bangkok. Therese says I should give her credit for finding the right car to get on. We had drinks together and had a couple from Australia join us; Kirsten (not the road, Ted) and her husband Chris. They are part of our Trek tomorrow too. As we were sitting there enjoying our Mai Thais we heard the Thai interpretation of Hey Jude playing in the background...just a coincidence? Not in Thailand. Remember my favorite saying: "My life has a great cast of characters. I just haven't figured out the plot."

During the day, Dennis and I took a ride to the 'Central Plaza and I got 300 more blog business cards made. I hope it's enough. Here's a pic I got for you Sarah. this is the current fashion in Chiang Mai. How does it compare? You're 21. Would you wear it. By the way Sarah, I have my camera time still set on the same timezone as the day I took those pictures at your birthday; Alberta daylight savings time, just so you know how special you are.

And finally, I have worked tirelessly to try to answer one of the great mysteries of Mankind. Which direction does a toilet flush in Thailand. The answer is: Counter Clockwise; the opposite of the North. What does that really mean?


J.P. said...

Steve, you are not the bungie jumping kind of person. Stick with elephants, motor cycles, trains, buses and tuk tuks.
this is your mother speaking.
Why does that picture keep showing up?

~~ Melissa said...

So how do toilets flush at the equator?

Anonymous said...

Regarding toilet flushing... go here

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I love the top but I am not too sure about the skirt I am not a skirt person.

Keep the date on your camera and we will make Sarah and Steve's birthday video part 2 hahhahahahaha
we will have to make sure you do something funny :)

As for the bungee jumping I say go for it !!! What the heck! what is the worst that can happen? hehehe