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Our Thai Wedding Party

February 28, 2010: Bangkok, Thailand

Our Thai Wedding Party
Aw and I got married in Canada almost two years ago. Today is our chance to share our happiness with Aw's relatives here in Thailand.
Khun Tui and Khun Maew brought us in their Mercedes and when Aw and her Aunt stepped out they looked like two Princesses.
Aw's long time friend 'Teek' put up photos of our travels and family from all over the world. She even made a large poster of the two of us so people could sign it.
These are Aw's family; her Mother and two sisters, along with her sister's three children. The young girl is 'Butter'. We are thinking of bringing her to Canada so she can learn English.
Everyone is having a great time eating and dancing and singing karaoke (and did I mention eating?). It is our very special pleasure to have Phil and his parents Bernard and Deanne visiting from Quebec City. They hosted us in their own city a couple of years ago. They really know how to have fun. We are so happy to have them here. And to top things off, My brother and sister in law; Scott and Judy are here to share the event too. Scott acts as my best man tonight. Canada is making a pretty strong showing here, all in all.

Phil is a professional film editor and videographer and was kind enough to make a movie of the event for us. Merci beau coup monsieur! And thank you to Aw's whole family. You have made me feel very much at home. Kaupt Khun Krup!

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