Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daniel Gets Baptized

Thornhill, Ontario, April 18, 2010

Our families got together today for Daniel's Baptism. He is the son of my niece Crista and her husband Aaron. Crista is the daughter of my oldest brother Mark and his wife Olga.
As you can see, Daniel is getting very big for a 6 month old. Aw loves any excuse to hold babies.

The proud parents, grandparents, God Mother and the Priest gather for a group photo right after the baptism. This church as special significance for my brother Mark and his wife Olga. They were the first couple married in this church when it was changed over from Irish Catholic to Ukrainian Catholic, 17 years ago. It must have been good luck because they are still married.

The Priest was fun and brought a great sense of humor to the event as you can see in this one minute video. I have no idea what that bang is that you hear at the moment the water is poured. And wow was that little guy a good sport to act so relaxed when he's doused like that. Congratulations Crista and Aaron! Thanks for letting us share your day.

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