Wednesday, March 18, 2009

La ville du Québec est très belle

July, 2008, Quebec City, Canada

Aw is not the only Thai who loves Canadians. Her cousin May is dating a French Canadian, Phil. They met the same way Aw and I did, while Phil was touring Asia. May and Phil take turns visiting each other's country. So Aw and I decided to travel from Ontario to see them.

This is Bernard (May's boy friend's dad). Bernard took us on a walking tour on this beautiful sunny day.This is the heart of Old Quebec. It is the oldest city in Canada. You can see from the look of the shops that the people take tremendous pride in their city.

He wanted us to experience the sights (and sounds) of this beautiful place.

This woman is a History student from the Univeristy. She and many like her are hired to dress up and become the characters of Quebec's past. Okay, I realize I'm into a canon theme here but you have to remember that Quebec City was responsible for keeping pirates from entering Canada through the Saint Lawrence River.

Bernard et Diana, Merci infiniment de faire l'aw et moi sensation ainsi accueillez à Quebec City !
[Pictured: Aw, Bernard, May (Aw's cousin from Bangkok), Phil (May's boy friend), Phil's brother (they haven't given him a name yet), Diane (Bernard's wife)]

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