Monday, June 16, 2008

My Happy Return

June 16, 2008: Kitchener, Ontario, CanadaHappy Birthday to MEEEE. My sister, Melbah Toasty is holding this party in her fabulous sundeck garden and pool. My loco local family are here to celebrate the event. I am wearing my Songkran shirt from Chiang Mai Thailand. Melbah marches outside with this beautiful home made cheesecake. As I blow out the candles they tell me I don't look a day over 80. Thank you everyone for this very happy return to Ontario.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday,Steve!!
I'm grad you look fine and happy.
Your T-shirts from Thailand is really good for you! Look nice!

I want to talk to you sooooon!
Are you ready to get marry?
Anyways,keep in tauch!

ayako from Japan

Steven said...

Domo arigatto Ayako san!