Friday, October 12, 2007

Bus To Udaipur

We take this deluxe sleeper for our ten-hour journey to Udaipur. The bus is very dirty but it's comfortable up in our top bunk once we put down our own sheet. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere in the schedule for cleaning. This looks to be a pretty comfortable journey for us but not everyone gets it so easy. As we settle in, we hear and young American student trying to get the bus driver's attention. He brings the driver over to his bunk and explains that someone has thrown up in his bunk and the mess is still all over the window. He shows the driver the mess on the outside of bus. He asks to be moved to another berth but the driver mumbles something as he waves his hand in dismissal, sits down and starts up the bus. My heart goes out to this guy. I have to admit though that my first thought is: 'thank God it was him and not us'. And so it goes in the dog-eat-dog (no beef or pork) world of Rajasthan India. No matter how well you try to prepare, you never know what curves will come at you.

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