Sunday, October 21, 2007


Waterloo, Ontario, October 15, 2007
Aw arrives in Waterloo after a grueling 23 hour flight around the world from Bangkok Thailand. When she gets here we invite my Mom to dinner so that she can meet Aw. We have steak dinners at a local bistro and get acquainted. When Aw first meets Mom she says: 'you look young than your photo'. We raise our glasses in a toast. I say: 'So nice to have my two favorite people in the same place at the same time.'


Anonymous said...

Wow!great picture!
You are very happy guy ,Steve sama!
I'm looking forward to see you again!where do you want to go next time? or do you want to stay in Canada with your sweet heart?
Anyways I'm looking forward to your mail.

Steven said...

Ayaka san: So nice to hear from you, my Japanese daughter! It was a pleasure to travel with you in 3 countries so far. You have an open invitation to visit us in our new Canadian home anytime. Love, Stevie and Aw

Millie's Unicorn Writings said...

*eagerly awaits new entry*:)

love you uncle stevie. I"m enjoying having my own blog!

Gramma's got me making lists and since now I"m a blogger, it's scary how much I really am a Tennant!

Steven said...

millie: The adventure is just beginning. It's so nice to have you here in Blogland. (okay, now what's next on my list to do?...)